Sex Sells But So Does…

Sex Sells But So Does...
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Disclaimer: This is not to discourage anyone, or attack anyone. This is purely for educational purposes. Take what resonates, leave what doesn’t.

Does Sex Sell?

Yes, of course it does. It has always outsourced numerous other products online and services alike.

Does Sex Sell Well?

Now we’re getting somewhere. This is the question that needs to be asked. Because while sex sells, that doesn’t mean it does for all. Sort of like the analogy, all squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are squares.

The market is oversaturated and it really boomed during the a pandemic when it gained more respect and popularity. It’s grown so much that unless you’re an amazing makeup artist, photographer, or cosplayer then you probably won’t stand a chance anymore.

But It Still Sells!

Yes. Yes it does. However!! So do burgers. But no other burger joint is gonna be as giant as McDonald’s. So does makeup. But I’m pretty sure Sephora outsells even Dior. And that’s the kicker.

If you’re gonna use your body as a business, then start thinking like a business and start treating it as such like setting realistic steps and goals. Because you don’t want to start sex work of any kind without anything to show for it, would you? You know you’re more likely to make $0 on OnlyFans than the next person who can actually afford to pay for top brand make up and professional boudoir photographers. And if you’re just gonna be doing that stuff for free, you might as well rejoin the dating pool. At least then you’d get a dinner out of it.

And top it off, if you fail then those photos are on Google FOREVER! Which will inevitably open you up for criticism, shame, and embarrassment when applying for jobs or literally anything that someone might wanna Google you about. So keep that in mind before plunging in the world of OnlyFans or sites a like.

Then I’ll Just Do It on Twitch

Oh God, please don’t! The platform is meant for gaming. Okay? Kids get on that app, and unless Twitch starts requiring a secure identification process such as a driver’s license to create an 18+ account, please don’t! Twitch does not verify the age of their users. Any kid with basic math skills can lie about their age and then daddy will wonder why he has an unusual $1000 bill from Twitch!

Listen, I’m not hating on the other women who do this(nor do I mind the crafty people on there) but can we just keep the platform the way it’s intended to be? Entertainment. Because not every woman can do those sexy things for the sake of views and money, and it doesn’t create a fair atmosphere. At least before the hot tub gals hopped on, the only competition that thrived were from the multiplayer streamers who would train to be the best player thus deserving of their fan base. Even the comedian gamers had to compete with who was the funniest. Now women have to compete with who is the sexiest. I’d rather not. Thank yew!

That’s it?

Yeah, that’s it. Keep it on Porn Hub or OnlyFans, but beware that you may not make more than ten bucks a month if even that much.

Sex Sells But So Does...

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