What It Takes: Simple Effective Ways to Become Famous Overnight

What It Takes: Simple Effective Ways to Become Famous Overnight
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I don’t believe a single dang person who claims they were able to become famous overnight. But it can happen to anyone. No one ever tells how to do so though. It’s a secret.

Fame takes years and sometimes decades to attain. But anyone who claims they got it overnight are almost always not telling the whole story.

So What Does It Take To Become Famous Overnight?

CONNECTIONS And lot’s of them! Lot’s of friends, family, and kind strangers alike. Plus a celebrity endorsement wouldn’t hurt any. Personally, I’m the kind of person that finds it difficult to make ACTUAL friends. At least ones that wouldn’t use me. Which I always found it weird that the 2 main abusive narcissists that were in my life were able to make friends in an instant and yet somehow wrangle in 4k+ followers on TikTok. Despite me trying to reach above 100 for over 2 years. Go figure.

Another Thing It Takes To Become Famous Overnight

MONEY And lot’s of it. With money, some people buy their followers using bot channels in order to inflate their importance and others use paid ads and hired marketers in hopes of new follows. The latter is the more appropriate choice. But the ads only seem to work effectively when you have gobs of hundreds to spend. An example would be to look at the author’s claiming they make six figures a year. I’m sure they do. But what they don’t tell you is the couple thousand dollars they’re spending each month on advertising and marketing.

What If You Don’t Have Money or A Social Life?

Then take a page out of Gucci’s and Louis Vuitton’s handbook. Do you ever see them advertising their brand? Nope. But Walmart sure does. So maybe advertising isn’t always the best option for some.

I believe if your content/personality is meant to be famous it would(should) be on its own merit. Without having to sacrifice who you are as a person. But with so many market manipulators out there, it doesn’t surprise me there’s a struggle. It’s almost borderline abusive at this point.

Wait… How Is the Overnight Fame Ideology Abusive?

Because there are two types of people in this world: And it’s a problem

  • Those who are given the keys to power and (market) manipulation. And…
  • Those who are beaten into market submission.

After I once spent years stuck in a violent D.V. situation this has became my conclusions to most of the problems in the world.

You can be someone with the purest misguided intentions and get nowhere. Or…

You could be someone with harmful direct intentions and be someone.

But when you’re someone who wants freedom and to help people like yourself that are stuck in shit situations as you once were, you’re often told: “If you’re still not gaining the traction you crave then sell-out, follow the market, and copy what others are doing. Stop being so kind. They don’t care.”

Essentially telling you to become someone you’re not, furthering the false belief that you’re not enough.

The very thing abusers will try to implement. All in hopes of molding you into the exact person they want. And if you don’t, you’re discarded or beaten into it. Just to become yet another figment of their own twisted ideology of who should be, in their eyes.

Here’s A Secret They Don’t Want You To Know:

You are enough. And you’re powerful. The trick is, keep doing what you do best. And do what you feel is right. They sayif you do what you love then you’ll never work again another day in your life“. Meaning: Don’t quit your day job, but also don’t quit trying to be who you want to be.

Good things come to those who wait. But better things come to those who work for it.

Lady Mary Currie

So It Comes Down To 2 Choices:

  • Gain fame instantly and pray it’ll stick. Or,
  • Grow your fame and know it’ll be around for a long time.

I hope this post provided insight for all those wondering What It Takes to Effectively Become Famous Overnight. Peace out, stay vocal!

Become Famous Overnight
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