Dropshipping Is A Scam

Dropshipping Is A Scam
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I know that sounds harsh to most entrepreneurs just starting out with a basic e-commerce website they just set up. But hear me out!

Most are probably still looking for inventory without actually going straight to American suppliers, or even a small business who may need the extra boost for free in these trying times. But would rather shop from an overseas reseller. The same ALL Wish Merchants use!

And, yes, if you’re going to dropship, ask a small business owner that’s about to plummet out of business and can’t afford to run a website, or one that well, if they’d like the help.

But here are some things to watch out for anyone considering dropshipping, or buying from a dropshipper.

Only buy from a trusted supplier that have more than 500 organic looking reviews, or one you know personally.

If its available to dropship for everyone then its not worth anything. That company is just desparate to sell their junk thru unsuspecting dropshippers.If your shipping wait time is over 12 days, 99% of the time its from a dropshipper using aliexpress or oberlo which are overseas suppliers. Same thing if they’re offering something other companies are sold out of, or offering a product below market price for that item.

Standard shipping rates are not over $2 for small items, $4 for medium items, or $10 for large items. And overnight express standard shipping rate is usually less than $20. Any shipping rates above those is the seller making an extra profit. Keep up to date with these.If you’re wondering how much the item they’re selling is actually worth, check aliexpress using the exact title or variation thereof. Usually they don’t sell anything at market prices. Could possibly even get it cheaper there.

Customizing bags, shirts, mugs, etc. is not a lucrative business idea. Many people are doing it, and even more are just copying each others ideas. Sometimes you’ll find a design that you like, but the truth is, most designs can be found on Pexels or Pixabay. Meaning, the consumer can just go over there and find the same exact design, slap it on Tee Spring or Zazzle, and get it for themselves for the base price. However, customized products do tend to cost more than just settling for something ‘close enough’.

Most sites like that are made for a team of some kind, or personalized movement. Not really for a dropshipper. Unless you have 100% authentic, never before seen, designs, then it most likely will flop. And that’s okay! If you don’t want to see it crash down then do what other people do to keep it afloat. Buy the products, and wear them on your youtube channel.

Share your dropshipping experience below. Curious if it all worked out, or what? Let me know! Peace Out Stay Vocal!

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