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Ep. 20: Time For A Change

Should it be possible to have it both ways? Why is voting so one-sided in America? In this episode I explore a few examples of countries who DO have it both ways, and why we should too. You can find the epsisode here on this site or over on any other podcast website. Enjoy!

Here’s the link: Time For A Change

Full Transcript Below:

“Congress, as we know it today in America is divided between the House of Representatives and the Senate. Often, sometimes not, they play opposite roles. But what if instead of just focusing on one president, we had two from opposing roles that would rotate every year? Let’s look at some examples from other countries who have done this, and they refer to their collective presidency as a presidium.

Switzerland, one of the most notable examples on this list contain a group of members consisting of seven people known as the Swiss Federal Council. Each person elected from this group is granted a one year term of presidency with rotational presidency, meaning they take turns every year.

Bosnia holds a three person group, one from each party meant to ensure equality, which together, they also serve four years.

San Marino has a captain’s reagent, where two opposing members are the Presidents again, for equality. And San Marino happens to be one of the oldest examples, because they have been doing it this way, since 1243.

But that’s just a few examples. Many people wonder, will this style, if implemented by America as well will create more conflict. That is a possibility. But in reality, having them together will lessen the belief that nothing is equal, civilians won’t feel as divided. Because as the saying goes, divided, we fall, United we stand. So I believe this will change the dynamic in such a way that will promote unity and bring about a mature way of fully understanding both parties. Everyone likes being able to have a choice, and to be heard. And with how divided voting is today, it creates conflict amongst us very citizens, because one side will always hate the other side if they win. And this type of voting, I’m suggesting, as done by many other countries will essentially please everyone, because then we know that both sides have an equal voice no matter what. And not only that, but there are many people who agree with one side about certain things, and the other side about other things. So it’s not fair to make people choose between the lesser of these two simply for the sake of a vote. Take me as example. I am torn between them. Because both sides have things that I agree on, and other sides not so much like there’s certain things that I just don’t agree with on both sides.

So would it be possible to see this happen in America? To be quite honest, probably not, unless enough of us, like get together and demand to see it happen. But I’m starting to fear that the government is more concerned with keeping us divided in fighting amongst ourselves as if we were just one giant reality soap opera TV show, rather than actually creating a unified nation. But that’s just my opinion.

I’m more interested in hearing your guys’s opinions, because this is a topic that really needs to be pressed upon. Because we need to be able to have it both ways. Just to create some type of equality, the equality that we’re all fighting for every day. Well, this has been Hero’s Angel here on Break the Bull. But remember, peace out. Stay vocal.”

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Ep. 19: Toxic People Vs. Strong Life

In this episode I talk about 4 words that will help distinguish between being strong or simply being toxic. You can find this episode anywhere online where there’s a podcast and also here. Enjoy!

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Newly Added Face Mask Design! Enjoy and Stay Safe!

Get it here at The Break the Bull Store

UPDATE: I ordered two items from Teespring, a flowy tank, and mask. The tank top took 8 days exactly to print and ship to me. The mask took 14 days. So if you do decide to place an order, it will take anywhere between 1-2 weeks to arrive.

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Mic Problems Solved

As you know I have recently attempted using a new mic for my sound quality. It didn’t come out as I had hoped it would and I found out why.

Now, when I bought it, nothing in the description said anything about the specs regarding the connections or cords. It came with a USB power supply adapter for the Blue Icicle “plug and play”, and a 3.5mm jack for the neewer power supply box.

I thought, “Sweet! Just hook it up and ready to go!”

I was wrong. Turns out, it is not that simple. And I have done hours of research learning all I could about properly hooking it all up. And all the youtubers and blogs made it sound like it was simple. It’s not!

Alright, so as you may have noticed I kept getting these crackling/popping noises each time I spoke. It was really irritating me and I thought maybe over editing and slowing down my speech would help. Did not help.

I reached out to Rockville about the Mic and they said maybe it was faulty, and tried pressuring me into buying a new mic from them without even offering the return of this one. But I knew it wasn’t the Mic. Especially since their website claims “rigourous testing before sale to ensure quality”. Right?

I did a bit more digging and found out that the sound wave showed drop outs during the times of the crackles and pops. So I looked up what could cause dropouts. All I could find were “tech junkies” using tech jargon that literally has zero to do with what I am facing. And then they keep explaining power conversions and physics and what not. Like, use layman terms!! Nothing was helpful except this:

Kevin Goetz a youtuber posted a video 2 years ago about clicks and pops. And he explained how condenser mics use 2.0 USB drives. And they WILL NOT WORK with 3.1 USB ports.

Turns out, my ports are all 3.1, one designed specifically for a controller connection, and my jack port is only designed for TRRS jacks. Condenser mic power supplies come with a TRS connection. Basically, I need to get some extra parts for proper conversion. Until then Ill return to my other mic and try and make it a tad better. Just for the mean time.

But if you are having the same issues at all, I strongly recommend watching his video Here. And he doesn’t go into full tech genius mode either! Enjoy!

Tip: USB 2.0 Drives are Black or White on the inside. USB 3.1 Drives are Blue on the inside.

Google Search

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Ep. 16: “Turn the Other Cheek”

Turning the other cheek is a saying that has gained traction in today’s gen. But it doesn’t have to be, for good reason! Because, now, it has been used as a way to keep other people silent by making them feel guilty or embarrassed for simply speaking their truths, and living freely. So why do it anymore? Some things need said. Say ’em!

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**Recent Update** Name Changed For A Good Cause

Sadly, I have decided to put an end to the name Cut The Bull and adopt this new name Break The Bull. It was a number of things that made it happen.

#1. There are more important causes leading the Cut the Bull name. I randomly chose it when starting a podcast. Without fully being aware of the other IMPORTANT topics occurring with that name. And the last thing I want to do is take away from the Shriners Hospital for Disabled Children who are bullied! So, again, those need the name more than I do. And its a good thing too! (I added the link to the article as well there). Follow the tag #CutTheBull to keep up to date with them as well. END BULLYING! That’s the biggest bullshit thing to do to a child!

#2. Another thing is, it’s also the company name for an entertainment industry. So.. Obviously, ya know?

But there is an upside! Break the Bull might have been my only option to closely relate to my shows original name, and I may have seen it as a barrier at first, but after setting everything up, and realizing Cut The Bull is also plugged up to the core with podcasts as well, I googled break the bull to guage where I’d be at. Turns out, it’s actually one of a kind! Even down to the very definition. Its not a typical turn of phrase. Plus, the original @breakthebull username for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were all readily available! So, if anything, its a sign this name was meant to be. And let’s be honest. looks way less confusing than

Another important mention would be that I am keeping the original name for the original episodes it went with. But for future episodes it will be ‘Break the Bull’ from now on. Thank you for being here!

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This Is Different

This website combines the elements of a forum based discussion board, podcasting for easy listening, and an up to date blog as well. This is more than just your typical run of the mill b.s. “life in general” blog. This covers a broad spectrum of topics because I believe that not everyone is being completely honest with themselves on their copy and paste sites. The views and perspectives shared on here are authentic and original. Because reading or listening to the same exact answers on 100’s of different sites and podcasts is, well…BORING! Hopefully you give it a chance. Because you won’t find anything “normal” here.

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What Does “Break the Bull” Mean

“Break the Bull” could mean breaking the ice with topics that would make your grandmother blush, or irritate a person who knows they are in the wrong but won’t admit it due to their ego.

However, to me, “Break the Bull” is about change, equality, and what it means to truly break the bull. And by that, I mean how to make all this bull going around work in your favor.

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