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For fans of the Otherworld, Ready Player One, and Shatter Me series comes a mind-altering, action-packed story of dark realization, betrayal, and ultimate sacrifice.

Echo Turner, abandoned daughter of a deranged man, has lived within isolation for a crime she’s not allowed to remember.

And she wants out.

Except she can’t leave, but not because of the rising toxicity levels and hungry wolves that roam outside of her perceived protection. She can’t know her world isn’t real, and the program resets anytime she’s made aware of its false reality. 

Clyde Jackson made it his mission to secure the sanctity of humanity once Doctor Wyatt took over his parents’ program. Through many successes, came one difficult case. It wasn’t until later he learned the horrifying truth that was kept from them all.

NXT is about the mind-altering adventure of Echo Turner as she battles for freedom in a futuristic cacotopian world designed for rebuilding one’s sanity that is rather used for other’s to psychologically torture, hunt, and prey upon anyone who has entered this inescapable prison.

How much is one willing to sacrifice for the sake of freedom?

Otherworld” meets “Ready Player One“. This fast-paced VR thriller is a unique blend of Sci Fi and Suspense, with a splash of Mystery. Perfect for fans of courageous heroines, empathetic heroes, and Overcoming the Monster.

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Don’t Miss This Upcoming Title

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Equality In The Workplace

When I hear the term “Equal Opportunity” I believe it should mean just that.

It covers against discrimination of a person’s beliefs, gender, sexuality, and potential assault.

However, it DOES NOT cover the one thing that needs to be protected: Experience.

Thousands of people are turned down each day from jobs for simply not “meeting requirements or the necessary experience” that jobs put forth.

Entry level jobs require many years experience, and usually a degree. Thanks to the 2008 job market crisis.

Not everyone has the means to afford college due to not being able to find a job that can pay for it. And some who do have degrees still can’t get that job because they “lack experience”.

Instead of hindering people from the workplace for those lame ass excuses, how about giving everyone an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY to get the job? Experience, or lack of, is often the most used tactic employers use in order to discriminate.

Because, let’s face it, a person with no experience could most likely do that job better than someone who went to college. And a person with a degree could very well do better than the boomer with 40+ years experience in that field. Besides, if anyone has that kind of experience, they certainly do not deserve that minimum wage entry level bullshit pay.

Also, look at the world now. Employers are so desperate for workers, they are shutting off the pandemic assistance that was due to last till September 2021. Because people have finally realized they are worth more than workplace slavery, and deserve jobs that can actually pay a LIVEABLE WAGE.

Want people to get back to work? Either up the minimum wage, or allow people access to those jobs so many of you are saying is open and desperate. Stop gatekeeping liveable wages. Instead of DISCRIMINATING against a person who has only customer service experience, or college experience, put them to the test. Don’t automatically dismiss them.

Either way, a person with experience or without are both just going to be paid the same amount anyways. Thanks to capitalism.

So before you go around saying a person is lazy for not wanting to rejoin the “workforce”, look around. Apply to some of those jobs. See if you get it. Just as a goof. Try it. See what happens. Because I’ll tell you what they’ll offer you.

I had an interview at a dealership recently. It sounded nice. 60 hours a week, 401k, insurance, etc. Up until they said what my pay would be. $1,000/month, salary. And that’s with experience. Tell me, how is that liveable? Short answer: It’s not.

Don’t bullshit the bull. You won’t like the horns. Peace Out, Stay Vocal. Hero’s Angel, out.

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