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When becoming a patron you’re doing more than just showing your love and support for the show. You’re unlocking a chance to be a part of the show! By becoming a subscriber Break The Bull is the one site you can publish your articles with topics most sites won’t let you submit. With the exception that you own the rights to all content submitted, of course, and as long as it is not libelous, misleading, inaccurate, or harmful in anyway. And you can always opt-out of these extra perks as well. No commitment required. But don’t waste your chance at becoming apart of something great!

Freedom of Speech is still a thing. So don’t let your story go unnoticed, and let that voice shine here on Break The Bull.


Tier 1 Let’s Get Fired Up! Subscriber Only content plus Contributor Status for a chance to be featured on this specific topic.

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Tier 3 Citizens Against Corruption Subscriber Only content plus Contributor Status for this specific topic.

Tier 4 VIP PATRON Unlocks ALL topics and content, and gain Author Status with a chance for your article to be featured on Break The Bull™ Podcast.

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*All content must abide by the law. Meaning you must own all rights to anything published, or follow copyright laws. Anything found to be in violation of that will be removed. (If you feel like your rights have been violated by one of the contributors/authors please feel free to submit a Request for Removal email below).

*Any content published is owned by the author/contributor. If you wish to contact the author/contributor about a certain piece use the form below.

*Owner of this site has the right to remove any publication at anytime if it is stolen, libelous, misleading, inaccurate, or harmful. (Basically, don’t steal, don’t bully, don’t promote drugs/violence/rape/etc, and you’ll be fine).

*Published content may be selected for a spot on Break The Bull. If the author/contributor wishes to not have their pieces featured, they may say so by adding the ‘not featured’ tag on their post/article. If, by chance, a piece is selected, this is an example of what to expect on the feature episode: “Hero’s Angel here on Break The Bull, presenting an article submitted by (Author’s Name), titled (Title). You can also find this on my website:”

*All published content may be referenced and reviewed, but not read, on Break The Bull.

*Spots are limited!

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