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    • Book Promos

      Here is a forum page that is used to promote other books and writers. Everyone who decides to pitch in their suggested reads, be sure to checkout the Forum Rules before posting. Also, if you have any suggestions on forums and added topics, please do not hesitate in replying to this thread and letting me know. Enjoy!

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    • Let’s Get Fired Up! Forum
      Hot button issues, topics, “trends”, and Money Making Schemes to watch out for can be found here. What are you sick of? What makes you irritated that other people do or don't do? What is something you'd like to see end?
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    • Citizens Against Corruption Forum
      For any and all Ideological Complaints, Lawlessness, Futuristic Concerns. Ever experienced a time when you didn’t have a voice in the matter, or any will left to fight back? What would you have to say about it? Better yet, what would you change?
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