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All this talk about Facebook wanting to change its name to better fit as a virtual reality social media just makes me chuckle a bit. Because it just reminds me to keep on writing my series.


Because in my book NXT features that exact thing! A virtual reality social media called NXT WRLD. Which is different from the regular NXT program which is used as a sort of rehabilitation system via VR.

First, it was some city being built IRL in America to create a better and more free society, such as in my book that I call Solaris.

Now this. A VR Social Media. Such as in my book!

And the kicker? All of the cities and programs built were created by a group of billionaires to help reshape and rebuild America. As what’s happening now!

And another thing, my book states that all of it began in 2020, finalized in 2025, and made permanent by the 2040s. Yet the story is currently set in 2065 after everything else from the viewpoint of one of the VR users.

Can’t wait to finish this series. Who knows what I might predict NXT!

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